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Congratulations on... - Поздравляю...

From the verb поздравить (to congratulate). Note the root здрав (concerning health) as in Здравствуйте! (lit. be healthy), Минздрав (Ministry for Health). You can use this word on it’s own to generally congratulate someone, or in combination with the phrases below. The phrases below can also be used without using the word поздравляю.

To wish someone a happy holiday:

С новым годом! – on new year (Happy New Year)

С рождеством! – on Xmas (Merry Xmas)

С восьмым марта! – on the 8th of March! (International Women’s day)

Or congratulate on a special date:

С первым снегом! – on first snow!

С началом учебного года! – on the beginning of the academic year!

С первым днём весны! – on the first day of spring! (which is the 1st March)

Or a personal event:

С днём рождения! – on your birthday (Happy Birthday)

С новорождённым! – on the birth of your child (notice the root род, рожд in the above and Xmas. This root always has to do with birth/family e.g. родители (parents) родина (motherland).

С новосельем! – on your move.

С возвращением! – on your return (after holiday etc.)

С окончанием! – on completing your studies!

С лёгким паром! – on light steam! i.e. after a banya, or sometimes even a shower. (used without поздравляю)

And some which end a little differently (Feminine):

С покупкой!  - on your new purchase

С обновой! – on your new purchase (of clothes)

C успешной поездкой! – on a successful trip