Course D32

Which course?Regular/Pre-intermediate/Mornings (D32)
How often?2 x a weekCourse content
When?Tuesdays/Fridays1.1 Me & My family
1.2 Whose is it?
1.3 Where is it?
1.4 Abbreviations
1.5 How do I get there?
1.6 How are you?
1.7 What's the weather like?
1.8 Russian winter
1.9 At the pharmacy
1.10 Body, health
1.11 Talking to a driver
1.12 Colours, adjectives, descriptions
1.13 Shopping
1.14 In a café
1.15 In a restaurant
1.16 Theatre tickets
1.17 My stuff
1.18 Furniture
1.19 I can't find...
1.20 What shall I do?
What times?10am -11:30am
How long?8 weeks
How much?18,000 rbs.
Next start dates?11th December 2018
25th December 2018

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