Our exclusive business program presents language in relevant business contexts in order to help you feel more comfortable at work. You might not ever need to hold a meeting in Russian but you will need to converse with your colleagues: to ask for their help, to give instructions, to wish them good morning and a nice weekend.

Be In The Loop':

  • Do you ever have the feeling you're missing something when all your information comes through a translator?
  • The more you understand, the less likely you are to miss some vital information.
  • Understand the inter-office discussions and general chat for a more satisfying relationship with your colleagues.

Show clients you're going that extra step:

  • Greet clients and business partners.
  • Have a bit of small talk up your sleeve.
  • Make a basic phone call in Russian.

Individual lessons can be held in your offices at any convenient time, just contact our Student-Teacher Coordinator to make arrangements.

Complete our online booking form and we'll contact you to agree details and make arrangements.