Educational Trips for University Students

We organise home stays and an academic program for university students.

Everything is tailored to your individual needs and we are happy to work with you on the elements where you feel you need extra attention:

  • grammar weaknesses
  • vocabulary acquisition for general life
  • vocabulary acquisition for translation
  • revision of coursework
  • the requirements of your particular university (we contact your university directly to get guidelines on the materials covered in your exams).

We tailor:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a comprehensive price list as all our courses are priced according to individual arrangements, but a sample 2-week course would be something like:

FlightsYou can book yourself, or we will do so for a 5% admin fee.₤265 incl. taxes
VisaInvitation & Consular fees (including postage)₤100
Visa registrationOn arrival in Moscow₤35
AccommodationWith a Russian family, approx. 45 min journey from the school; breakfast and dinner provided.₤140 per week
Education program
10:00-11:30 group lesson (Grammar/vocabulary)
12:00-13:30 individual lesson (Conversation)
15:00-16:30 individual lesson (University coursework)
₤160 per week
Total priceFor 2 weeks₤1040