Individual Study

Complete our online booking form and we'll contact you to agree details and make arrangements.

Personal Consultation:

  • Free of charge.
  • We discuss your individual requirements.
  • We determine a suitable course of study for your learning style.
  • We recommend a suitable textbook or other materials.
  • An appropriate teacher is selected for you.

The Advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility - lessons when and where they suit you.
  • If you're away a lot or are busy at work, you won't fall behind a group.
  • You only study what you want or need.
  • Your teacher comes to your house or office - saving you time and effort.
  • No ‘better' student than you answering all the questions!
  • No ‘worse' student than you holding you up.
  • You get the teacher's full attention

Student-Teacher Coordinator (contact):

  • Our Director, Julia, ensures that individual lessons run smoothly.
  • We monitor and answer for teachers' punctuality and preparedness.
  • We deal with any problems that arise including arranging substitute teachers when your regular teacher is on holiday or unwell.