Comments from previous students

"This is short report but that was a really ace trip. Moscow was fantastic, the teachers were very good and the home-stay was fun/amusing. Thumbs up."

James Waddell (Cambridge)

April 2006

"I have been meaning to write for ages to thank you for organising our trip- we all ready loved it, and it has definitely helped- although i'm still not convinced the exams will be a walk in the park!"

Victoria Brudenell (Cambridge)

May 2006

"I just wanted to send you a HUGE thanks for the past two weeks! I appreciate the effort you must have put into organising everything, and it all went the best any of us could have expected! All the teachers at Ruslingua were lovely, and I feel like I have learnt a great deal. I'm also really glad to have discovered Moscow, even though it was very muddy, I felt like i got to like its slightly grubby and rundown side!"

Honesty Pern (Cambridge)

May 2006